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Milo – The Action Communicator

Speak hands-free with your friends while riding your bike and on all other adventures

Walkie-talkie reimagined

Milo™ – The Action Communicator™ is the walkie-talkie reimagined. It enables hands-free, multi-way, group voice conversation, allowing adventurers to speak while on the trails, slopes or water. No phones or Wi-Fi needed, so everybody in the group can share the moment, in the moment.

Stay connected on the trails

Milo is here to revolutionize the way we communicate on our outdoor adventures. Forget about those traditional push-to-talk walkie-talkies that only allow one person to speak at the time. And break free from fumbling with your phone with cold fingers. Meet Milo! The worlds’ first Action Communicator.




Reliable MiloNet™

Milos™ create a secure mesh radio network. No Wi-Fi or phone signal needed. The range between two grouped Milos™ in clear terrain is usually at least half a kilometer (third of a mile), often more.

Advanced Wind and Background Noise Reduction

Sophisticated wind- and background noise reduction algorithms combined with six digital low-distortion microphones deliver clear voice in all conditions.


No need to push buttons to communicate. You just… talk. Attach Milo™ securely to your clothing or handlebar using one of the purpose-designed clips leaving your hands free.

Time Best Inventions 2022

“…communicate with your fellow adventurers simply by talking.”


Michelle Parker

Red Bull athlete, pro-skier

Red Dot Award, Best of the Best 2022

“Milo is to walkie-talkies… as GoPro was to handycams.”

“Gadget of the week: Milo. Make your adventure-sports activities a more sociable affair.”

“Epic times ahead with Milo, this changes everything.”

Gabe Ferguson


IDSA Gold Awards 2022

“… being able to go for a big chatty group ride without all being in droplet-swapping distance sounds EXTREMELY SMART.”

“Meet the next big thing in action sports technology.”

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