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About Milo

It all began in 2014 when Peter Celinski, the founder of Milo, went on a ski trip with his family. His children were advanced skiers and went on runs that Peter could not. Wanting to be in communication with his children, Peter tried shouting and traditional walkie-talkies, but nothing worked well enough to stay connected on the mountain.

This experience, combined with Peter’s expertise in audio engineering sparked an idea. There must be a better way to communicate, hands-free, phone free on the mountain. And Milo was born.

At Milo, we seek to make shared adventures better by connecting people with confidence and simplicity. Confidence in a reliable connection. Confidence in clearly hearing others in your group and knowing if someone falls behind. Simplicity so you can hand a Milo to someone for the first time and trust they can figure it out immediately. We believe these characteristics set Milo apart from cheap walkie-talkies and expensive high end digital mobile radios.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we are a team of designers, engineers, scientists and builders. Together, we have more than 200 years of experience creating technologies and products for some of the most loved tech brands on the planet. In the past, we’ve built comms systems, networked hi-fi equipment, neural-network chips, voice assistants, video games, avionics, wearables, networking protocols and the earliest Wi-Fi speaker system. We have come together and have spent more than three years designing, building and testing the core Milo software, hardware and complete design.